How Retailers Are Appealing To Young People

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LAS VEGAS—Whether using iPads to assist with customization to providing the option to order online with in-store pickup and returns, retailers are finding ways to appeal to millennials, say Cushman & Wakefield directors from across the country in this EXCLUSIVE Q&A on the subject below,  we asked one simple question: How are retailers in your market appealing to young people? The answers might surprise you.

Michael O’Neill, senior director in New York City: By incorporating technology to create a more efficient, simpler, and more modern shopping experience.  Interactive screens coupled with utilization of iPads and other mobile devices is becoming commonplace for shoppers today. Technology is relevant to the in-store experience but arguably more as a means to attract customers and build brand awareness. The majority of the retailers resonating with today’s youth are on the cutting edge of social media trends and have created highly visible digital profiles.

Danny Jacobson, senior director in Chicago: I think retailers are changing everything, not just to appeal to the younger population but to populations of all ages.  Retailers know they need to give their customers more of an experience within their space so the stores are more than just a place to buy their goods.  With the growth of e-commerce, providing the customer with a physical experience within the space is becoming so much more important than ever before.

Matthew Fainchtein, senior director, and Carter Magnin, associate, both in Los Angeles: Brands are appealing to millennials by incorporating technology into the shopping experience. This ranges from using iPads to assist with customization to providing the option to order online with in-store pickup and returns. Many brands are expanding their marketing by aligning themselves with specific lifestyle activities and sponsoring things like musical tours and cultural events. They’re now positioning themselves to sell a lifestyle—not just merchandise.

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